Who we are:

We are Damian and Owen, long time friends and creative types who decided to imbue our love for adventure, oddity, and exploration into a board game. Our goal was to make something that would provide us and our friends with a truly engaging experience.

We wanted the game to be an adventure in of itself; it had to involve strategy while remaining unpredictable. It had to involve treasures, traps, and trickery, and had to have a game board that was player made. Most importantly, we wanted the game to feel fresh.

After four years in development, we’ve put together “Relics of the Keep”, a game that exceeds far beyond our original ambitions!

How is this game different?

The formula leading to “Relics of the Keep” plays a big role toward making it play so well.

Owen is a high school special education teacher. He excels at breaking down complex concepts, removing unnecessary parts, and making them more easily understood. These skills allowed us to make Relics of the Keep easy to learn yet incredibly deep.

Damian is a professional designer and illustrator. By trade, he places heavy focus on creativity and presentation. He designed every physical component of Relics of the Keep ensuring that the visual appeal is both exciting and engaging.

Combining our talents and our shared love for reading, gaming, and outdoor exploration, we set the aesthetic tone for Relics of the Keep. It’s a game that is filled with adventure, hidden lore, powerful items, strategy and unpredictability. No single game will ever be the same.