Relics of the Keep presents a fresh take on tabletop gaming. Build and explore a tile-based dungeon riddled with traps and rich with treasures. Collect powerful Items and duel against opponents in your quest for the three Relics of the Keep. Get your fill of strategy, surprise, and silliness in this enticingly replayable board game.


The Relics

Collect all three Relics of the Keep to win the game. The Relics grant special abilities that can improve your strategy when used together.


Unique Player Pieces

Choose one of six unique Player Pieces, each with a hidden advantage that players must discover on their own.

Powerful Items

Collect over 60 powerful and uniquely functional Item Cards. Discover hidden uses, master synergized combinations, or just plain horde them!


Mysterious Sealed Rooms

Engage in 50 different humorous and unexpected scenarios by braving the Sealed Rooms Tiles, each capable of leading you to victory, defeat or humiliation.


Unique Dungeon Tiles

Take advantage of special Dungeon Tiles. Place portals that speed your own progress or set traps to irritate your opponents!


Infinite Dungeon Layouts

Explore a constantly expanding dungeon. With over 50 usable Dungeon Tiles and countless combinations, no game will ever the same!


Enter the Keep...

Clear the table, gather some friends and venture into a dungeon like no other! Easy to learn and fun to master, Relics of the Keep uses a set of simple core rules to maintain order in an otherwise delightfully unpredictable board game.